Explore the World Through Art

Using art, the time-tested storyteller of culture, we take you on a journey around the world. Your senses are immersed as you create art, enjoy authentic cuisine and listen to stories and music--all inspired by the highlighted culture. Our artists guide you through each step, so no experience is necessary.

You'll leave each party with a new masterpiece to showcase, a full belly, and feeling smarter, kinder and happier!


But don't let us tell you...



I hired Culart for 7 art workshops. Even our residents that are over 100 years of age, enjoy their experience. Most of my residents have never left the United States and can no longer travel. This is their getaway. My residents keep asking for more, so I will continue to bring them back!

Carmen Davis

I am a fan of paint and sip parties, arts and crafts and other hands on activities. These parties are hands-on and so much more.  They really bring people together an show appreciation for all people. I love how the artists/story tellers are conscious of how diverse the attendees may be. 

Elicia C

I am a educator, crisis counselor, art historian, and graduate student in clinical social work, and most importantly, the mother of two beautiful autistic children.


I discovered Culart when searching for ways for my family to stay engaged with other communities during the Covid-19 lockdown. Culart is a change agent business that set the example of spreading peace and teamwork amidst cultural diversity and differences.

During these uncertain times, it’s critical for people, including our youth, to get involved with Culart. CulArt is truly life changing for my family and I and a new and very engaging way to bring all people together. Thank you, Culart!