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​​Using art, the time-tested storyteller of culture, we take you on a journey around the world. Your senses are immersed as you create art, and listen to stories and music--all inspired by the highlighted culture. We've created fun, accessible and enlightening experiences you'll remember for years to come.  

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No art experience is necessary for our events.  We provide everything you need to create your work of art, including live, step-by-step instructions. Just bring your creativity!

Puzzle Thoughts with Justin

Justin Ebengo, Congolese artist, living in South Africa, brings you a unique art experience inspired by South Africa and his painting style 'Puzzle Thoughts' - a technique that symbolizes how the different pieces of society join together to make one larger and harmonic picture. 


As you create exhibit-worthy artwork, you'll also hear stories about ancient and contemporary South African culture.

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Beat Your Blues With Blue Pottery with Darshna

With all that has gone on lately, most of us have experienced something that was unexpected, draining, or just unfavorable.

Join artist Darshna, for the recharging and uplifting 'Beat Your Blues with Blue Pottery' art party. She'll demonstrate therapeutic art techniques she uses frequently in her own artwork, as you create your own self-expressive decor plate inspired by Indian Blue Pottery.

Teranga African Paint

What is 'Teranga'? It comes from the Senegalese language, Wolof, and represents their unique culture of hospitality.

Join Kh Bamba to create a deep-colored, mixed media painting inspired by his signature art concept, Mix-Tissage, as you learn about the culture of Teranga, Kh Bamba coined the term Mix-Tissage, which means mixed media and represents the exchange and sharing of cultures. 

Moroccan Motifs on Cushion with Sara

Imagine being able to give your loved one a beautiful gift you've created that has a story and will spark conversations for years to come...

Sara Azzaki's specialty is creating art inspired by feminine beauty. She shares stories of Moroccan culture while giving you step-by-step instructions to design your pillow cover inspired by her own style and Moroccan motifs.

This workshop is translated from Arabic to English.